Caring for mother and child during pregnancy
Hemorrhoids and pregnancy
Hemorrhoids and other anorectal conditions
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CONGRATULATIONS! Giving birth is one of the most wonderful moments of one's life. However, you may be experiencing some very unpleasant discomforts after delivery, such as hemorrhoids and other anorectal conditions. In fact, most women develop hemorrhoids after childbirthing. The objective of this site is to help you understand why and how these problems occur and to provide some information and tips on how to relieve your symptoms.

Hemorrhoids and anal fissure are strongly associated to pregnancy and delivery. All the other anorectal conditions discussed in this website may occur in the general population but are not directly linked to pregnancy or delivery.

However, some women may be suffering from these conditions before becoming pregnant. Your chances of suffering from these conditions during pregnancy and after delivery are not greater than the general population.







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